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Receding gums treatment in Torrevieja


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Gum Recession Treatment at Ap-Denta Clinic (Torrevieja)

Gum recession is a fairly common disease among adults, which involves lowering and exposing the roots of the teeth. Although at first glance this is a cosmetic defect, recession can lead to serious problems if not treated. Let's take a look at what causes gum recession, its symptoms, and how to treat this disease at the Ap-Denta clinic in Torrevieja.

Causes of gum recession:

  • Traumatic tooth brushing - aggressive brushing with a hard toothbrush or alternating left-right brushing motions.
  • Improper use of toothpicks, dental floss - overly vigorous and deep motions.
  • Inflammatory gum diseases - gingivitis, periodontitis. This makes the gums less resistant to external influences.
  • Orthodontic treatment - tooth movement can traumatize the gums and disrupt blood circulation.
  • Harmful habits - smoking, teeth grinding. They weaken the periodontal tissues.

Symptoms of gum recession:

  • Exposure of tooth roots, "lengthening" of teeth.
  • Increased sensitivity of exposed areas of the teeth to cold, heat, sweet, sour.
  • Bleeding gums.
  • Unpleasant mouth odor.
  • Aesthetic defect - violation of the external gum appearance.

Gum recession treatment at Ap-Denta (Torrevieja)

The Ap-Denta clinic uses both conservative and surgical methods to treat gum recession.

Conservative treatment includes:

  • Removal of dental deposits, leveling and polishing of teeth to smooth their surface.
  • Use of remineralizing and anti-inflammatory agents to strengthen the gums.
  • Use of special toothpastes and rinses to reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • Correction of patient's harmful habits, hygiene recommendations for oral care.

With significant recession, surgical techniques are used:

  • Flap surgery - placing a special flap on the exposed part of the root.
  • Using materials for bone tissue regeneration in the recession area.
  • Using a soft tissue graft to restore gum anatomy.

At the Ap-Denta clinic, highly qualified periodontal surgeons will help get rid of gum recession and maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. If you notice the first signs of the disease, be sure to consult a specialist.

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