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Endodontic Treatment of a Tooth in Torrevieja: Everything You Need to Know

Dental problems can be unpleasant and painful, but modern dentistry, especially endodontic treatment, provides effective solutions. In this article, we will explore the reasons why endodontic treatment is necessary, the specifics of this procedure at the "AP-Denta" clinic, and the control of results.

Reasons for Endodontic Treatment
Treatment of Pulpitis and Periodontitis
Uncontrolled cavities can lead to an infection of the pulp chamber, causing nerve inflammation (pulpitis) and progressing to periodontitis, affecting the bone.

Retreatment of Canals
The use of outdated technologies may require retreatment to meet modern treatment standards.

Treatment of Cysts
Untreated root canals can lead to the formation of chronic inflammatory cysts, destroying tissues and creating a constant burden on the immune system.

Tooth Trauma
Modern endodontics can save teeth after trauma, avoiding the need for removal or implantation.

Tooth Subject to Removal, and Endodontics is Not Performed in Cases of:
Crack in the Tooth Root
Teeth with a root crack may require removal instead of endodontic treatment.

Severe Tissue Destruction of the Tooth
If tooth tissues cannot be restored with guaranteed quality results, endodontics may not be applicable.

Unsuccessful Previous Treatment Attempts
If previous treatment attempts were unsuccessful, another method may be necessary.

Specifics, such as Nerve Inflammation in an Upper Wisdom Tooth
Some specifics may make endodontic treatment impractical.

Patient Refusal of Treatment
If a patient refuses treatment, endodontic intervention may be impossible.

Features of Treatment at the "AP-Denta" Clinic
Diagnostic Procedures
The use of endodontic computer tomography for a precise study of the problem and its solutions in complex cases.

X-ray Control at All Stages of Treatment
Process control using X-rays ensures quality and effective treatment.

Use of Canal Machining Tools
Modern technology tools allow thorough canal treatment and removal of infectious lesions.

Use of Microscope
The microscope provides detailed control of cleaning and canal filling stages.

Use of Modern Treatment Materials
Only safe and reliable materials are used during treatment.

Use of Rubber Dam
A latex isolating cloth prevents saliva with microbes from entering the tooth.

Thorough Disinfection
Canals are treated with an antiseptic solution for at least 40 minutes for the destruction of microorganisms.

Result Control
In 85% of cases, 3-6 months after treatment, the inflammatory focus decreases or disappears, providing long-term results.

Endodontic treatment is crucial for preserving teeth and preventing the need for their removal. At the "AP-Denta" clinic, you will receive high-quality treatment ensuring long-term results.

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