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Closed curettage periodontal in Torrevieja Spain


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Taking care of teeth and gums is essential for a beautiful smile and overall health. One of the crucial procedures in dentistry is gum curettage. Let's explore what it is and why it is so important for our oral health.

Gum Curettage Procedure

How is the procedure performed?

Gum curettage is a deep cleaning of the gums and teeth to remove deposits, inflammatory elements, and granulomas. During the procedure, the dentist uses special tools to remove dental deposits and polish the roots.

When is it necessary?

If inflammation of the gums cannot be controlled with regular hygiene methods, curettage becomes necessary. Also, if pathological gum pockets have formed, curettage becomes an effective means of combating this condition.

Closed curettage and its advantages

In cases of periodontal pockets with a depth of 3 to 5 mm, closed curettage is used. This method is gentler since it does not require separating the gums from the teeth. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia, making it more comfortable for the patient.

What is a Periodontal Pocket?

Causes of its formation

Periodontal pockets form due to inadequate oral hygiene and the accumulation of microbes in dental plaque. This leads to the involvement of the gums, bone tissue, and the formation of deep pockets filled with dental calculus and granular tissue.

Dangers and consequences for teeth and health

Microbes in dental plaque emit toxins that not only cause bleeding gums but also disrupt the attachment of the gums to the tooth. This can result in extensive inflammation, suppuration, and tooth loss. Moreover, infection in the periodontal pocket has direct contact with the blood, which can cause serious conditions such as strokes or heart attacks.

Symptoms and Indications for Gum Curettage

How to understand if gum curettage is needed?

If you notice bleeding gums, tooth mobility, suppuration from periodontal pockets, these are signs that it's time to consider curettage. Additionally, the presence of dental calculus and granular tissue are indications for the procedure.

When is the procedure recommended?

Gum curettage is recommended when there are pathological periodontal pockets with a depth of more than 2 mm and bleeding with inflammation of the gums.

Contraindications for Gum Curettage

Although curettage is an effective procedure, there are cases when it is contraindicated. This includes acute respiratory diseases, infections in the oral cavity, dental mobility of degree III-IV, and other conditions. Before undergoing curettage, it is important to consult with a specialist.

Importance of Proper Oral Hygiene

How to avoid problems with gums and ensure optimal oral health. Regular prevention and home care are fundamental to maintaining healthy gums and preventing the need for more invasive procedures.


Gum curettage is essential for maintaining oral health. Timely prevention and treatment can prevent serious problems and ensure a radiant smile and strong teeth.

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