Rules for visiting the clinic

Rules for visiting the clinic to ensure safety.


1. Additional security measures against COVID-19.
2. New rules for visiting the clinic.
3. Escort.
4. General information on planning a visit to the clinic.
5. Situations when it is necessary to cancel the appointment.
Additional measures taken by the AP-Denta clinic against COVID-19:
1. The staff will use PPE throughout the entire appointment, and not only while working in the mouth, which guarantees safety, including during the visit and consultation.
2. Adaptation of the waiting area: hand sanitizer, magazines and items that could contribute to cross-contamination removed. All measures are being taken to avoid crowding in the waiting area.
3. The offices are equipped with HEPA filters that work continuously throughout the working day, automatically increasing the efficiency in the event of an increase in aerosol in the air.
4. Disinfection after each patient of all surfaces with which the person came into contact (dental unit, chair, chairs, handles, etc.)
5. At night, when there are no visitors in the clinic, ultraviolet lamps work for more reliable disinfection of the environment.

For the safety and comfort of visitors, new rules for visiting the clinic have been introduced:

1. Only one entry to the clinic and exit is possible in order to avoid walking and unnecessary contacts. Therefore, before entering the clinic, make sure that you have taken the necessary things with you: phone, money, cards, glasses, documents, a mask, locked the car.

2. Telephone calls inside the clinic are prohibited so as not to disturb other visitors and not interfere with the work of the staff. Therefore, before entering the clinic, turn off the phone to silent mode, notify relatives and friends that you will be busy and will not be able to answer calls.

3. In order to maintain a safe distance and prevent crowds, if you see that there are visitors in the waiting area, we ask you to wait outside until they leave and only then enter.

4. The use of a mask is mandatory.

A visit with accompanying persons is prohibited!
Escort is allowed in the following cases:

- minors;
- seniors requiring escort;
- people with disabilities.

Escort conditions:
- only one accompanying person per patient;
- mandatory use of a mask.

Accompanying persons who do not meet these criteria should wait outside the clinic (in the garden, car, walking along the sea, etc.)

   Visit planning information

1. Try to schedule your visit in advance.

- At the first visit to the clinic, we will ask you to fill out the necessary documents - questionnaires and informed consent, which provide the Patient with explanations about the upcoming procedures and conditions during and after treatment. These documents are legislative protection of your rights as a patient. We ask you to take responsibility for filling them out, read carefully and find out from the administrator or attending physician all unclear points.

- On the eve of the reception, the administrator sends messages - reminders of the time of the visit. We ask you to respond to these messages.

- If you cannot come to your appointment, please notify the clinic administrator by phone or WhatsApp at least 12 working hours in advance. In this case, we will be able to receive patients who need help.

- A certain amount of time is allocated for each scheduled procedure. Being late, or, conversely, a request to finish treatment earlier, may result in the impossibility of performing manipulations using a given technology. Which may require additional visits and additional financial costs.

- Be sure to eat before arriving for your appointment. This will make it easier to tolerate the treatment.

- Try to wear inexpensive clothes at the reception. We use chemicals in our work, and although we use protective aprons, some of them can ruin clothes.

- It is strictly forbidden to take alcohol on the eve and on the day of visiting the dentist. at the same time, a sharp decrease in the effectiveness of the action of anesthetics or an unexpected reaction of the body is possible.

2. During the visit

- Turn off the sound of mobile devices, and do not talk on the phone, so as not to disturb other Patients and not to distract doctors from their work. If you are expecting an important call, we ask you to inform the doctor about it before the start of the manipulations.

- Tell the attending physician about your health, allergies, past and concomitant diseases, as well as taking medications. This will allow the selection

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