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Tooth Extractions in Torrevieja


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Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure to remove a tooth from the jaw.

Reasons for extraction:

  • Tooth destruction when treatment and restoration are impossible
  • Loose teeth grades 3-4 due to advanced gum disease (periodontitis)
  • Improper tooth eruption and position, e.g. wisdom teeth
  • Infection of tissues surrounding the tooth (periodontitis, "cyst", "flux")
  • Bite abnormalities, preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • Tooth trauma
  • Tooth fracture

When tooth extraction should be avoided:

  • Acute viral or infectious disease
  • Exacerbation of herpes, stomatitis, candidiasis
  • First and last months of pregnancy
  • Menstrual period and two days before
  • Condition after stroke, heart attack, crisis

These contraindications are temporary. When conditions stabilize, the restrictions will be lifted.

Preparing for Tooth Extraction

Simple and complex extractions:

An extraction that takes a short time is considered simple, e.g. single-rooted tooth, superficial root or loose tooth.

Complex cases require:

  • Extraction of teeth previously treated with resorcinol-formaldehyde method. After this treatment, the teeth become fragile.
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Extraction of multi-rooted teeth with curved or destroyed roots
  • Extraction of broken teeth with roots located deep
  • Extraction of dystopic and retained teeth

Such extractions can take 20+ minutes.

The Extraction Process:

For simple cases: anesthesia, loosening the problematic tooth, extraction with forceps, placing a sterile pad to stop bleeding.

Complex cases may require gum flap, tooth/root sectioning, sequential extraction using elevators, suturing. Ultrasonic piezotome may be used for a minimally invasive extraction. With inflammation, a drain may be placed.

What Teeth Hurt the Most to Extract?

The procedure itself is painless under anesthesia. Discomfort begins after it wears off. This can be significant if:

  • Patient has high anxiety
  • High individual pain sensitivity
  • Extraction was complex
  • Large inflammatory area was present

To minimize discomfort and prevent complications, carefully follow post-op instructions.

Post-op care recommendations can be found here.

Extraction Costs:

The cost depends on: degree of tooth destruction, prior treatments, number of roots, mobility, apical inflammation, tooth eruption status, proximity to nerves, patient health issues, doctor's experience and tools used.

For example, extraction of a preserved front tooth with grade 3 mobility will cost less than a molar with destroyed crown and multiple buried roots that must be extracted individually. The price will be higher again for a retained wisdom tooth.

Our clinic uses advanced techniques and specialized ergonomic instruments handled by an experienced surgeon to ensure quick, minimally invasive, and safe extractions for rapid recovery.

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