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Orthodontist in Torrevieja

What is Orthodontics in Spain?

Orthodontics is a speciality of dentistry that is primarily concerned with the treatment of malocclusions (improper bites). A dentist qualified in the field of Orthodontics is known as an orthodontist.

What are malocclusions?

In orthodontics, a person’s bite (the way the teeth and jaws fit together) is referred to as an occlusion; therefore, when the bite becomes improper, it is referred to as a malocclusion. Malocclusions are often the result of tooth irregularity and/or disproportionate jaw relationships and require correcting by a qualified orthodontist.

Why Ap-denta Clinic?

Ap-denta Clinic offers first-rate orthodontic care to the greater Torrevieja area. Our specialist orthodontists, Marina Peterson and Alex Petersen have been giving exceptional care to Ap-denta  Clinic patients. As a renowned orthodontist throughout Ap-denta, she has been with us for the past five years.

At Ap-denta Clinic doctor gives high quality orthodontic treatment to both adults and children in a relaxed environment. She understands that many of her orthodontic patients may have severe dental anxiety, and many of her patients may be in pain; therefore, doctor Petersen works expertly to minimise such problems. As an experienced orthodontist she establishes rapport with her patients to ease dental anxiety, and through her advanced care, Dr. Neale is able to offer pain free treatment and virtually pain free dentistry. Click here for more information .

When people think of orthodontics, they often think simply of braces. Here at Ap-denta  Clinic we offer several different teeth straightening systems. These include Invisalign (clear, removable “braces”), Lingual braces (on the inside, not the outside!) and Porcelain braces (tooth coloured). Additionally, we offer an extensive range of other orthodontic work, including oral surgery for the relief of jaw pain. While oral surgery is usually the last step taken, when we believe it is necessary we can offer oral surgery at the Torrevieja, Alicante Clinic. There, all required facilities will be available, and we can administer a general anaesthetic to further ease dental anxiety and provide pain free dentistry.

At what age can one start orthodontic treatment?

Each case is different and to determine whether one would benefit from orthodontic treatment a consultation with an orthodontist is required. However as a general guide the correction of orthodontic problems can take place at any age. It is recommended that children should visit an orthodontist between the ages of 7 to 9 years for their initial screening so that treatment if necessary can begin at an early age. Nevertheless this does not mean that adults are not suitable for orthodontic treatment. Adult orthodontic treatment is growing rapidly and our orthodontist has extensive experience in treating adults of all ages.

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