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Prosthodontics in Torrevieja Alicante

Significant advances in technology and specialising in the dentistry field of prosthodontics, enables patients to an array of professional prosthodontic procedures and treatments. Prosthodontics is the dental in Torrevieja speciality of utilising prosthesis to treat and correct oral appearances and speech.

Prosthodontics is a surgical procedure, which involves in treating patients with missing teeth due to oral diseases or injury. Prosthodontics is a relief and a self-booster for people deprived of tooth loss.

Specialists in the field of prosthodontics are referred as prosthodontists. They specialise in aesthetic in Torrevieja restorations and replacement of teeth. Furthermore, assists in restoring teeth to the natural healthy state including function and appearance.

Some of the prosthodontic treatment options available:

  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Complete dentures are necessary when there is a total loss of teeth. This may be due to loss of facial tissue support, dysfunction of the bone or extreme loss of underlying bone.
  • Full and partial dentures are applicable to patients with partial loss of teeth. This involves restorations, which will be cemented to the remaining teeth.
  • Implant prosthodontics is a popular rest orating treatment for loss of teeth. The top advantage of the treatment is the enhancement of aesthetics, support and function.
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