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Teeth Whitening in Torrevieja


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Teeth Whitening in Torrevieja, Spain

Hygiene and whitening in Torrevieja  is a cosmetic procedure that whitens the natural color of teeth. Thanks to modern technologies, this procedure not only does not damage the enamel, but also improves dental health by enriching teeth with minerals!


What kinds of whitening do we offer? The advantage of Zoom whitening.
Zoom White in Torrevieja Speed in-office whitening. Zoom home whitening. Teeth whitening at home with natural remedies.
What is the composition of modern whitening systems in Torrevieja? Can whitening be done at a beauty salon? Can tooth sensitivity increase after whitening? If there are fillings on the front teeth. What to do? Change the fillings? V-shaped defects. What to do with them? How long does ZOOM whitening last in Torrevieja? When can it be repeated?

What kinds of whitening do we offer? In our clinic, we offer two types of professional whitening:

Zoom White Speed in-office Torrevieja
Zoom home whitening.

The advantage of Zoom Teeth Whitening in Torrevieja. The Zoom system is considered the safest and most effective teeth whitening system. The gel for in-office whitening contains the lowest percentage of hydrogen peroxide (25%, for comparison, other systems from 35% and higher). More details about the benefits can be read in the "Zoom Whitening" section. The system includes a gel with mineral substances to reduce tooth sensitivity. This gel contains a revolutionary component - Amorphous Calcium Phosphate, which strengthens enamel and makes it smooth and shiny. The use of this substance is patented by the American Dental Association ADA. The exclusive license for its use with whitening systems is issued only to Discus Dental (ZOOM) - the world leader in whitening systems.

Teeth Whitening in Torrevieja Speed in-office whitening. This is the most famous professional system for teeth whitening worldwide. It has an original gel with a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide in an alkaline medium. The effectiveness of this system is due to the use of Philips LED lamps with cold light.

This system is used entirely in the dentist's chair.

More details about the benefits can be read in the "Teeth Whitening in Torrevieja " section.


Speed of result: in just one session, the patient gets whitening up to 8 shades on the Vita scale. Strengthening of enamel and reducing tooth sensitivity. Maintaining results for 3-5 years


Sensitivity may occur, which will go away over time. You must follow a "white diet" for up to 4 weeks. Relatively high cost.

Teeth Whitening in Torrevieja home. Although this system is considered professional, whitening with it is done at home. For this, the patient must first come to the clinic and undergo professional hygiene, then custom trays and whitening gel are made. The patient will use these trays with gel at home. More details can be read in the "Home Whitening with Trays" section.


Strengthening enamel and reducing tooth sensitivity. Achieving a controllable result and the ability to independently monitor the process. Affordable price.


The need to wear trays for some time. It takes 1 to 3 weeks to achieve results. Sensitivity may occur, which will go away over time. You need to follow a "white diet" throughout the bleaching process.

Teeth Whitening in Torrevieja  at home with natural remedies. Almost all folk methods of teeth whitening are harmful and dangerous:

Baking soda, tooth powder, crushed activated carbon, mass-market whitening pastes (for example, Colgate) - these are strong abrasives that aggressively scratch and wear down enamel.

Lemon juice, vinegar, fruit acids chemically corrode enamel, disrupting the crystalline structure.

What is the composition of modern whitening systems?

For Teeth Whitening in Torrevieja  in-office , a gel based on 25% hydrogen peroxide is used. For efficiency, it is activated using an LED lamp.

For home whitening, a gel with 4-6% hydrogen peroxide or carbamide is used. But due to the low concentration, the effect is insignificant, so its long-term use is required.

Can Teeth Whitening in Torrevieja  be done at a beauty salon?

Although teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, we do not recommend doing it at a beauty salon. And we believe that professional whitening that will be effective and safe should be carried out by a dentist in a dental chair.

There are several reasons:

  • The use of gels with an active substance concentration of more than 6% is legally prohibited for specialists without a medical license.
  • To carry out the procedure, it is necessary to assess all the indications and contraindications, which a specialist without dental education cannot do.
  • Before the procedure, the oral cavity is examined for the presence of carious cavities, wedge-shaped defects, gum recessions, inflammatory gum diseases.
  • Measures are planned for a more effective result and to prevent increased tooth sensitivity: professional hygiene and remineralizing therapy are carried out.
  • The doctor selects the optimal whitening system based on the patient's wishes and causes of enamel darkening.
  • Whitening is carried out with a high concentration active substance, improper use of which can lead to complications or side effects. And in case of an emergency, a person without dental education will not be able to provide adequate assistance.

Can tooth sensitivity increase after Teeth Whitening in Torrevieja ?

Despite the delicacy of the whitening systems, despite the measures to prevent unpleasant sensations, tooth sensitivity may still occur. Therefore, it is very important to prepare properly for whitening, following the dentist's instructions. And after the procedure, it is also necessary to follow the recommendations.

If there are fillings on the front teeth. What to do? Change the fillings?

First, the whitening procedure is performed, and then under the new tooth color, new fillings are installed.

V-shaped defects. What to do with them?

V-shaped defects are defects on the teeth in the gingival area. Often these areas have increased sensitivity. The main reasons for their occurrence are aggressive brushing of teeth or malocclusion.

During in-office teeth whitening, the defects are covered with special insulating material to reduce sensitivity. And after the procedure, under the new color of the teeth, these defects are restored.

How long does Teeth Whitening in Torrevieja  last? When can it be repeated?

The minimum time when an in-office whitening procedure can be repeated is 1 year. But usually, when whitening with the Zoom White Speed ​​system, following all the recommendations, the effect lasts for 3 or more years!

The frequency of home whitening can be adjusted individually, after consulting a dentist in advance.

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