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Paediatric dentistry is a speciality concerned with all aspects of dental care for young children and adolescents. Childhood has been identified as the most important period in a person's dental treatment, and it is very important to ensure that the child grows up with a positive attitude towards dental health. We have found that even when children have been to the dentist before, they often do not know what to expect when they come to see us. Professor Alex Petersen, our specialist in childrens dentistry takes great care to speak to the patient, not just to the parent, establishing a trust and rapport. Patients’ fears are quickly forgotten and visits to the dentist even become fun!

As Paediatric Dentists we would prefer to start seeing patients as young . This enables us to check for early signs of disorders, to advise parents on dental health, and to establish good preventive habits at an early stage. Now fillings can be done using a laser, thereby avoiding high-pitched noises and uncomfortable vibrations. 

 Our Philosophy

Dental visits should be enjoyable for children! Our child friendly facility has been made to make children feel at home. We believe that every child deserves a healthy mouth and fully restored dentition. In addition, we expect and work towards a cavity-free future for every one of our children. We believe that no child should have untreated cavities.

Untreated dental decay in young children has been linked to health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. This is why we implement the latest evidence-based research. 
Our Paediatric Dental Team

Paediatric dentistry at The Ap denta Clinic is lead by Professor Alex Petersen. He leads our team of specialists in child dental care. 
Specialist Services

We provide a full range of children’s dental services including an international childhood caries clinic that helps young children who have extensive decay in Torrevieja. A full-mouth rehabilitation for these young children is available.

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