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Dental Disease Prevention in Torrevieja Spain


Preventive Dentistry

Good oral care and hygiene helps keep your teeth clean. Regular visits to the dentists and routine dental examinations may prevent and minimise the risk of serious oral diseases and dental treatment. The aim of preventive dentistry is to eliminate the need for future treatments. It is the modern practice and procedure of reducing the dental treatments necessary to maintain healthy teeth.

Consultation with dentists helps to identify common problems such as tooth decay, crowded teeth, and gum developmental diseases. In preventive dentistry, early detection is the key to prevent damage to teeth that would occur if such conditions were undiagnosed.

Thoroughly scaling and polishing ensures the removal of build up tartar and accumulated plaque on the surface and between the teeth. Dentists will not only make sure all fillings are in good repair but also provide advice on the ideal brushing and flossing techniques. 

Preventive dentistry helps you maintain optimal oral health thus protects the overall well-being. With modern dental treatments and proper oral practices, it is possible to prevent or at least reduce oral diseases. Daily brushing and flossing, fluoride supplements, healthy diet and regular dental check-ups are healthy pillars of success for good oral hygiene and care.

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