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Bleeding Gums in Torrevieja

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The information you provided pertains to the treatment of gum inflammation at the Ap denta dental clinic in Torrevieja. Here are the key points and stages of the described treatment:

  1. Professional hygiene:

    • Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing.
    • Use of Air-Flow and manual tools to remove dental plaque.
  2. Clearing the oral cavity of infectious foci:

    • Treatment of cavities, pulpitis, and periodontitis.
    • Removal of damaged teeth.
    • Replacement of old fillings and crowns.
  3. Teaching proper oral hygiene:

    • Crucial stage for maintaining treatment results.
    • Regular check-up visits and professional hygiene every 6 months or more frequently.
  4. Medication treatment:

    • Course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.
    • Use of antiseptic rinses and gels.
  5. Surgical methods for gum treatment:

    • Curettage of periodontal pockets.
    • Flap surgeries, gum plastic surgery.
    • Targeted regeneration of periodontal tissues.
  6. Plasmolifting:

    • Injection method for gum treatment using the patient's own plasma.
  7. Important aspects:

    • Complete recovery is possible at the gingivitis stage.
    • It is crucial to follow recommendations and carefully care for teeth at home for long-term results.
  8. Treatment with home remedies:

    • Can be effective in the early stages and as part of a comprehensive approach.
    • It is not recommended to postpone professional treatment solely in favor of home remedies.

The Ap denta clinic invites residents from various cities, including Torrevieja, La Mata, Elche, Murcia, Alicante, and other cities in Costa Blanca and the Valencia region, to visit the clinic for consultations and treatment of gum issues. Appointments are made by prior reservation, and the contact number is: +(34) 638 893 141.

Contact Information:
Torrevieja, Pasaje Pais Vasco, edificio 1 local 4
+(34) 638 893 141
+(34) 638 893 141
Working hours: Mon - Fri: from 10:00 to 20:00