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Marina Peterson Co-founder of the clinic Dentist- therapist, endodontist

Marina Peterson.

Therapist. Endodontist.

Work experience since 2005.

Directions in the work:

treatment of caries and non-carious lesions of hard tissues of teeth; 
endodontics - primary and repeated treatment of dental canals of any complexity under a microscope.
treatment of "cysts" of teeth;
aesthetic restorations composite veneers;
therapeutic periodontology. 
Languages: Russian, Spanish.

Certificates ( /)

Marina Peterson: "I was born and raised in Tula. In 2005, she graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the Tver Medical Academy, then completed 2 years of residency in Moscow at TSNIIS, and then worked in Moscow clinics. In 2013, she confirmed her diploma and started her practice in Spain. 

In dentistry, I love to do endodontics - root canal treatment. 

When I studied at the Institute, for me this section of dentistry was the most difficult and incomprehensible. "You can't see anything inside the tooth! I have to work by touch," I thought. But when I entered the residency, it turned out that I was attached to a scientific supervisor who instilled in me a love for endodontics. And I began to study this area more deeply in additional courses, master classes and individual classes with leading doctors. And of course, in addition to theory, many years of practical experience allow me to cope with complex cases, such as the treatment of cysts, the removal of pins and broken tools, as well as the removal of broken screws from implants. 

A few years ago, I moved to a fundamentally different level in my work - I started working with a dental microscope. With it, I can do more filigree work, see what is usually not visible to the naked eye: identify areas that need to be cleaned, find additional channels, distinguish cracks, treat the tooth more delicately, etc. 

At the same time, I conduct both primary and repeated endodontics. Repeated - this means that someone has already treated root canals before me. And most often such work has to be done when there are chronic inflammatory foci (cysts) on the tops of the roots that destroy bone tissue. And there is a question of tooth extraction. 

And it is so pleasing when you see the smile of a satisfied patient, when it was possible to save his own tooth and avoid removal! This is usually a long and time-consuming job, taking up to several hours, but I love it! Carefully, step by step, controlling the process through a microscope, remove the old seal, then the pin, material and dirt from the root canals ... and then after a while, see how the cyst heals, and the patient continues to fully chew with his tooth!

Come to my reception, I will be glad to see you!"

Contact Information:
Torrevieja, Pasaje Pais Vasco, edificio 1 local 4
+(34) 638 893 141
+(34) 638 893 141
Working hours: Mon - Fri: from 10:00 to 20:00