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Folk remedies in dentistry


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I was recently asked why I didn’t write an article about folk remedies in dentistry that you can use if you can’t go to the dentist. I did not understand - what does it mean that there is no way to go to the dentist?

Yes, if we are talking about the remote taiga, where it takes 500 km to get to the dentist by cart ... but we live in a place where dentistry is at every turn. Therefore, I will not write how to help myself in the taiga. But in our area, I don’t know what should happen so that it would not be possible to reach the dentist for six months. There are no military operations in Torrevieja, no devastating earthquakes, no floods or tsunamis. Most of the time people just don't want to. And he finds excuses.

Of course, the most common reason for not wanting to apply on time is fear. Fear that it will hurt and have to spend money. But the paradox is that the longer a person puts it off, the more problems accumulate, the longer and more expensive it is to solve them later.

Yes, of course, you can recommend rinsing with salt or chamomile, or applying plantain or other lotions. But what happens? Here, for example, a small caries, he reacted to sweets, the person cleaned and rinsed everything and forgot about it. The tooth continued to decay. The process has reached the nerve. The tooth made itself known again.

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The man washed down everything with painkillers, rinsed. The process went to the bone. And already when the edema appeared on the face, or when the tooth had already collapsed badly, the patient comes, and there the tooth is only removed and an implant or prosthesis is placed.

And then the tooth was removed, the implant was not placed, the bone “left”, the bite was twisted. And to return the full function of chewing and aesthetics is even more difficult and longer. Very sad. And very expensive.

And it would be cheaper to clean the plaque or caries in time. But for this you need to regularly come for examination and hygiene. Moreover, now there is powerful anesthesia, and dentistry has long ceased to be


Of course, there are situations when I myself personally recommend some folk remedies to the patient. For example, baths with saline solution for edema. But I recommend them after assessing the patient's condition, as part of a general therapy, but by no means as an independent procedure.

And separately I want to say about the folk remedy teeth whitening with soda and lemon - IT IS VERY HARMFUL! Soda behaves like sandpaper in relation to tooth enamel, and citric acid dissolves calcium from tooth tissue.

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