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Ceramic Inlays in Torrevieja

Dental cavities and tooth decay requires quick and fast treatments as any delays may result in greater risks and problems. Inlays/ onlays are suitable for treating small to medium sized defects where the tooth enamel is sufficiently healthy. However, inlays/ onlays are made of synthetic materials such as gold inlays, ceramic inlays or amalgam fillings.

Ceramic inlay in Torrevieja outlay are the use of ceramic (porcelain) to fill up the cavities in teeth. Made from ceramic materials, ceramic inlays refer to the process of restoration inside the decayed or damaged tooth while ceramic outlay describes the over the surface of the decayed or damaged tooth.

The process for restoring a tooth with ceramic inlays/onlays requires a longer time in comparison to a normal dental filling. The cementation of the inlays is carried out by using special glue that guarantees a perfect ‘bonding’.

Benefits of Ceramic Inlays/ onlays

  • Resemblance to the natural colour of the teeth
  • Stain Resistance
  • Attractiveness
  • Prevent the tooth from progression of tooth decay
  • Does not contain harmful metals that are health perils

Ceramic inlays/ onlays produce superior results especially for rear chewing teeth. Thus regards as one of the most aesthetic tooth replacement options.

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