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Lip Enlargement and Lip Reduction in Torrevieja region Alicante

Some people have too much of a good thing. When it comes to lips that appear larger than normal, they often overshadow the rest of the face. People having too full lips can sometimes experience additional functional problems such as mild disabilities of speech. Larger lip can affect eating and drinking. All of these can add up to make one feel extremely self-conscious.

If your lips are disproportionately large, then you might consider a lip reduction surgery as an option to get rid of the surplus tissue for good. Lip reduction is a standard cosmetic surgery procedure in сosmetology Clinics in Torrevieja region Alicante which excess tissue is removed from the lip permanently reducing it to the required size. It can be performed on one or both of your lips as needed. You may also have a lip reduction as a part of full facial makeover in which it can be combined with other facial augmentations such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, jaw augmentation and cheek implants.

Lip Reduction Surgery:

Lip augmentation surgery is performed under anesthesia. When the lip is numbed, an incision the length of the lip is carefully made usually along the inside of mouth. Next, an appropriate amount of tissue is strategically removed from the lip usually in the form of a chunk or strip. Finally, the lip is pulled inward and the incision suture closed to make it less full. These steps can be applied to both the lips during the same session takes around one hour to complete.

A number of looks can be achieved with lip reduction procedure and you can discuss your preference with your surgeon during consultation. That said, doctors or practices do not have same level of expertise when it comes to lip reduction. This is partly because compared with lip augmentation procedure which is more popular, lip reduction is a rarity and so may be your surgeon’s experience with these cases. So exercise extreme care in choosing your surgeon.

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